Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Ignoring the Themes

Ben Shapiro being interviewed on Piers Morgan Tonight

Hugh Hewitt highlighted the Piers Morgan interview of Ben Shapiro on Thursday, 1/10/2013.  The discussion was on gun violence, and Mr. Hewitt describes the interview as an “embarrassment” for Mr. Morgan.

Mr. Shapiro, a 29 year-old Republican, makes the case for the 2nd Amendment to the United States Constitution, and Mr. Hewitt sees it as effective political debate.  Watch the video here.

Mr. Shapiro may have been good at making his points, but the main obstacle in the debate was not addressed.  That was the use of the Democratic Party theme “Republicans are harming our children.”

This theme is typically used in debate on the implementation of No Child Left Behind and various school subsidy issues.  Republicans are characterized as harming our children by wishing to enforce standards and compliance.  Sadly, the theme becomes especially potent when attached to school violence.  It stokes anti-Republican hatred.

Piers Morgan employs Dhimmitude to put the Republican in his place.  You can feel it dripping from the imputation, “How dare you!”

Mr. Shapiro retains his composure and makes arguments based on fact and principle, but it is not enough.  Mr. Morgan uses characterization and The Themes to validate his feelings and win the hearts of his viewers.

Republicans always contend their approach is a solid strategy, but it reflects a discouraging pattern.  Republicans must stop ignoring The Themes of the Democratic Party and begin to counter them.

In the meantime, that “little book” Piers gestures with is all we’ve got.

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