Tuesday, August 10, 2010

American Dhimmitude

I recently posted about the use of moral authority in politics.

This YouTube video is instructive…

Note the affect of the person lecturing Governor Palin. She uses measured, intimidating speech and a dismissive tone. It literally reeks of moral authority. The speaker knows her point of view is absolutely unquestionable.

This is a wonderfully clear example of the political moral authority that is rampant in our anti-Republican culture. Think of it as American Dhimmitude.

Luckily, with Governor Palin, it doesn’t seem to be working.

Texas for Sarah Palin has some background on the person in the video who represents herself as a teacher.

UPDATE 8/11/2010:
Ben Adler of Newsweek has a blog post titled, "Sarah Palin Gets Snarky on a Schoolteacher."  He provides an extra helping of anti-Republican scorn, characterizing Governor Palin as having "prima donna qualities", a "self-centered side", a "dark side",  a "tone of nasal condescension", "unamusing sarcasm", and the literary skills of "a nasty, snotty, slightly dense but popular high-school girl."

Mr. Adler describes the target of Governor Palin's "snark": "The victim was not President Obama, but a schoolteacher in small-town Alaska."

Mr. Adler is the National Editor of newsweek.com.  He may be in a position of cultural power, but his portrayals of "victimhood" and "snark" seem to be misplaced.  (h/t Hugh Hewitt)

UPDATE 1/29/2011:
James Taranto leads his column with a few examples of the "Persecution of Sarah Palin."

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