Thursday, August 12, 2010


I am a veteran of our armed services, so am particularly moved by pictures of our service members coming home.

John Hinderaker at Power Line has a post (courtesy of Kathryn Jean Lopez of National Review Online) that directs us to the Facebook page of the Dallas/Fort Worth Airport for August 11, 2010.

Mr. Hinderaker's post is titled simply, "I miss him."

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  1. Honestly, while we are on the same side on many issues, we strongly differ on others, still, anytime we can do something good for the best America has to offer is a blessing.

    AS for our disagreements, I'm not as big a fan of Bush as you are. He was a big spender, he cut the manpower of our Military in half then went into two less than necessary wars, and many of the things he put in place have given BHO a cheap leg to stand on for his blatant disregard for the Constitution.

    Bush and Congress (both parties) passed "tax cuts with no spending capps, making those tax cuts "credit cards". Then there's the Patriot Act-good idea, poor implementation. "Our war on terror" could have been unrestricted domestic energy production which would have put every terror(and energy) producing government into bankruptcy while causing a domestic economic expansion that would have made Reagan look like FDR, so while Bush was a good leader and a competent President, I see both Bush 41 and 43 as being wasted "Reaganesque" opportunities. Then again, I lean more libertarian and you seem a tad more conservative. Still, our ideal of a country where the government leaves you alone and spends more time policing itself than us are not far apart.

    Most importantly, THANK YOU for your service protecting this nation and helping keep us free

  2. Andrew33:

    I loved your comment. I grant you that the efforts of the Bush administration have not been met with universal approval. However, here are two points to consider...

    1. The Iraq war was waged to create a center of Western influence in the Middle East. We went in there with a clear understanding of the objective and (thankfully) had the political will to complete the mission. Contrast that with what you see going on in Afghanistan.

    2. President Bush let the military run the Iraq war. Maybe he learned that from his Dad, but the political forbearance is very much appreciated by our military leaders. Contrast that with the ROE you see in Afghanistan, coupled with consideration of an award for "courageous restraint."

    Thanks again for the comment. I sense that you approve of the respect for human dignity that was on display at DFW yesterday.

  3. When I saw these images last week they left me, once again, with a sense of love for Pres. George W. One of his best attributes continues to be his ability to convey his love and support to our military; something that is undeniably visible in these pictures!