Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A Cultural Green Light

Maria Ciano (on the right) at a Broncos game.
The rain-delayed Republican National Convention gets underway today, and it puts Mitt Romney in the political spotlight.  He’s got a major task in front of him: to change the perspective of the American people.

Right now, as Mark Steyn has indicated, “He's still Mitt Romney, and he'll put your dog on the roof, your wife in the ground and your Negro houseboy in the cotton field out back.”  (If you don’t understand the brilliant humor within that quote, please see my previous post.)

Mr. Romney has to change that perception over the next three days, and it will be fun to see how he does.  It will be a political battle.

Actually, it might be more of a political war.  While Republicans are fighting the battle with their votes, our opponents are engaged in a more personal battle.

What are their weapons?

MariaCiano employs lying - about her core beliefs.

Alexis Fecteau vandalizes property.

Brett Kimberlin and Neal Rauhauser see SWATting as a useful tool.

Jason Thomas Wilson carries a machete.

Floyd Lee Corkins II prefers a semiautomatic handgun.

Adam Smith is simply a bully.

These people all choose to show their anti-Republican sentiment in ways that are destructive, not only to Republicans, but destructive to themselves as well.

What gives them a “green light” to behave in this fashion?

Do they believe they won’t get caught?  Is there a financial incentive?  Is it a quest for glory?

What could be their motivation?

These are not societal misfits.  One is (was) an Air Force officer.  Another was a CFO.  They are educated and they are successful.

It doesn’t make any sense.

When something is going on within our society that needs to be better understood, an investigator typically investigates.  Unfortunately, here in Denver, 9News doesn’t want to know and The Denver Post believes things are hunky-dory.

Perhaps a social scientist at one of our leading universities sees something worth investigating?

Maybe Ferris Bueller sees it!


UPDATE 8/29/2012:
David Chalian of Yahoo! News finds raaaaacism to be the weapon of choice.

UPDATE 9/5/2012:
Bonnie Pollak just throws your ballot away.

UPDATE 9/26/2012:
Michelle Neumann will personally threaten you.

UPDATE 9/28/2012:
Mona Eltahawy uses her moral authority - plus a can of spray paint.

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