Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Upper Limit

Do Americans have an upper limit for tolerance?

That’s an open-ended question, but it keeps coming up.

There is a Political-Religious Movement in Afghanistan that demands legitimacy.  When we see Taliban followers publicly execute a young woman, does that reach our upper limit?

How about politics?  It is culturally fashionable to mock Americans who value Republican principles.  Does this reach our upper limit?

San Bernardino, California is in financial difficulty.  Most American municipalities don’t want to engage in spending restraint.  Is there an upper limit (short of bankruptcy)?

We hear that federal tax rates on certain individuals can be increased indefinitely and that deficit spending is a good economic stimulus.  Are there upper limits here as well?

2012 might very well be the year when we find out.

UPDATE 8/2/2012:
San Bernardino joins Stockton and Mammoth Lakes in officially filing Chapter 9 bankruptcy.

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