Saturday, July 7, 2012

Cultural Heroine

Last week, president Obama made a trip to Ohio, jetting in on Air Force One to start up a “man of the people” bus tour in the state.

One of his supporters was celebrated by the press as she tearfully thanked him for passing the Affordable Care Act.  The story had broad cultural appeal, as it emphasized the emotional and personal impact of the president’s health care law.

The context of the story was also newsworthy.  Jim Hoft at GatewayPundit wondered if Ms. Miller was a “plant.”  Did the Obama campaign deploy her as a press darling for the Sandusky visit?  To the press, she came across as a thoughtful, caring individual who uplifts our culture.

But there is another side to Stephanie Miller.  While Ms. Miller doesn’t Tweet very often, she (@obamasbestfan) keeps a Twitter page of her feelings for Republicans:

Our culture celebrates this person as sympathetic, and broadcasts that characterization at ThinkProgress, Politico, the Democratic Underground, and the various media.

But the side of Stephanie that borders on the uncivil, and is an interesting part of her story, is not conveyed by our culture.

In America, she is a heroine.

The fact that she hates Republicans is just not that important.

UPDATE 7/7/2012:
Apparently Ms. Miller has deleted her Twitter page.


  1. Lol, gee I wonder why she deleted. Thanks for saving the screen shots! Time to spread the truth...

  2. In her defense, I've written some uncivil things about Democrats. The 1st Amendment is awesome

    1. AFS:

      Remember, you're visiting the Anti-Republican Culture site. The issue is not individual behavior. It's that our culture covers up certain behaviors and works to expose others.

      This is a predictable and unquestioned part of 21st-century America. Isn't that worth examining?

      (Notice how the majority of comments to this post reflexively provide justification for the anti-Republican action. That's our culture telling us the right thing to do.)

  3. Well what exactly is the matter with that? She wasn't lying was she? Would you call what she wrote on a par with what republicans have said about democrats or president Obama? I think it is far tamer, almost genteel in fact.

  4. I believe it was the Repubs who started the "Kool Aid" meme. I apologize for our nutjobs; how nice it would be if you apologized for yours! Then maybe the discussions could begin.

    MF, Venicw, CA

  5. meet Romney Girl in "America Street" music vid/ad here on youtube

  6. She's just another useful idiot, reminiscent of the Madison thugs and the Occupy rapists. The Left needs to foment hatred and fear to keep people voting against their own self-interests, which is why pathetic old cows like this one get trotted out for the crowds.
    It's sad, sickening and typical. We'll see many more of her ilk before November.

  7. I wonder what their October surprise will be this time around? They damn near crashed our economy in 2008. You can't tell me they don't know who was behind that. Guess its great to be on power so you can cover shit like that up. Look at what Obama is doing on the Fast and Furious scandal.
    When we win in November, I expect to see a lot of perp walks.