Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Serenity

What do you call the Democratic Party’s collection of ideals? I think “The Serenity” captures it.

America’s Democratic Party is a “bring your own abstraction” kind of movement, where all who come find serenity in their passions being indulged.

Note the political contrast: Republicans are a “one trick pony.” We believe in preserving the founding principles of the Constitution. That’s it. Everything else takes a back seat. Separation of Powers, the Rule of Law, Freedom and Personal Liberty: Those are our tenets. If you’ve got another agenda, go somewhere else.

That “somewhere else” is the Democratic Party. Do you envision a world free of hunger and poverty? That’s what the Democratic Party is all about. Is your passion a world independent of fossil fuels? That’s the Democratic Party. How about world peace, economic equality and freedom from personal stigma? Yes, those are Democratic Party ideals. That's The Serenity.

People are drawn to the Democratic Party because it feels their pain. In the Democratic Party, your ideals have legitimacy and sanctuary in The Serenity.

What drives Republicans crazy is the inconsistency gap between idealism and effect. How can people be for world peace and yet favor a party that supports targeted killing? How can people be for equality and yet support political favoritism?

It might drive Republicans to distraction, but it is the human condition. We accept unexpected consequences when we perceive that an individual means well. We accept the bending of rules when our leaders tell us the ideal is simply not practical at the present time.

The key is perception. As long as we perceive our political party is “with us,” we are tolerant. When that perception embarrasses us, we strike back.

The election of 2012 will be about perceptions and embarrassment. Get ready for the fireworks!

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1 comment:

  1. Hello! Well, as a Liberal I'll leave a comment for you. I'm grounded in the real, for instance when something causes actual harm it probably should be changed.

    When Goldman Sachs actively lies and sells a product it knows to be worthless but it presents flawed, faulty or fraudulent data and a Village Board invests the entire town's pensions into it, the fault does not belong to the Village Board for failing to conduct due diligence. It also doesn't provide me any solace or comfort that the Free Market would get it right eventually and a company would go out of business after it swindled 1000's out of their life savings. The actual harm needs a redress/intervention.

    Okay, I've gone far afield of what you wrote so to bring it back. As a Democrat, I think you're committing the *Perfect Hippie* Fallacy. In order for me to be counted as tolerant, I don't have to accept the intolerant. I don't have to accept Andrew Breitbart or Jame O'Keefe into my drumming circle just because they ask. I don't have to be let you punch meto demand my Nation stop killing people overseas.