Monday, November 28, 2011

The Hate

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee sends frequent e-mail messages to its mailing list. The list comprises the Democratic Party base, and the purpose of the e-mail is to solicit contributions from the faithful. Here are some of the messages sent out over the last few months:
Guy Cecil, 9/16/2011:
Have you been watching the Republican debates? Jaw-dropping: The Tea Party audience cheered Ron Paul’s suggestion that freedom means letting an uninsured man die. Another audience cheered the 234 executions Gov. Rick Perry has presided over. Michele Bachmann calls the EPA a “job-killing” agency. Clean water and air? Who needs it?

Harry Reid, 9/19/2011:
Rick Perry calls Social Security a “monstrous lie.” Paul Ryan dreams of ending Medicare forever. And the Republican response to the thought of an uninsured coma patient? Grisly, callous shouting from the audience. They want to reverse the steps our country took to care for the sick and prevent our parents and grandparents from living in squalor.

JB Poersch, 9/20/2011:
Fair is fair. But Republicans don’t care about fair. They only care about winning. If our economy is destroyed, so be it. If the middle class withers, tough. If seniors are worried about their Social Security and Medicare, too bad. As long as Republicans control the White House and Congress, they couldn’t care less.

Dick Durbin, 9/28/2011:
Déjà vu. The House Republicans again drove us toward a government shutdown, this time holding hostage the victims of floods, wildfires, and hurricanes. Their ransom demand? The gutting of job-creation programs.

Guy Cecil, 9/29/2011:
Republican presidential candidates call Social Security a “Ponzi scheme.” They boast about how many executions they’ve overseen. They stand smug and comfortable as their debate crowd boos a gay soldier serving in Iraq.

James Carville, 9/30/2011:
Picture Washington under total Tea Party control. Mitch McConnell will privatize Social Security. Jim DeMint will end Medicare. And kiss the EPA goodbye since Tea Partiers think clean water tramples on their constitutional right to be poisoned. The Tea Party’s like kudzu – you give ’em an inch, they take MILES.

Guy Cecil, 10/6/2011:
The New York Times just reported on a brand new study on Republican voter suppression tactics, and its findings are worse than any of us could have imagined. According to the report, 5 MILLION voters – more than decided the 2000 and 2004 presidential elections – could be affected by this coordinated GOP effort to skew the 2012 elections.

Guy Cecil, 10/19/2011:
Republican strategists think that Democrats can’t win if they cripple our voter registration activity; if students, minorities, and working Americans aren’t allowed to cast ballots, and if they can disqualify 5 million Americans from voting. That’s why the Koch brothers and their corporate allies are backing a coordinated effort to manipulate the rules in 2012.

Jason Rosenbaum, 10/26/2011:
Last week, every Republican senator filibustered President Obama’s bill to put 400,000 educators and police officers back to work. You read that right: Teachers. And. Police.

Dick Durbin, 10/28/2011:
Republicans have their priorities. America’s middle class isn’t one of them. They’re all about giving more to those who have the most. Helping the 1 percent at the cost of the 99. Boosting billionaires and big corporations while demanding the rest of America pull harder on their own bootstraps.

James Carville, 10/31/2011:
I swear, if Republicans loved Big Oil any more, they’d name their kids ConocoPhillips and ExxonMobil. Big Oil just posted multibillion-dollar profits – AGAIN – and what are Republicans doing? Filibustering a jobs bill. Refusing to make billionaires pay their fair share. Basically anything they can do for the benefit of their wealthy buddies in the top 1% -- and at the expense of the middle class.

Jason Rosenbaum, 11/4/2011:
For the third time in three weeks, Senate Republicans filibustered a bill to create jobs – this time through rebuilding America’s crumbling roads and bridges. Unbelievable. These lawmakers won’t lift a finger to put people back to work and get our economy moving again.

Guy Cecil, 11/22/2011:
The supercommittee negotiations have failed. Why? Because Republicans simply REFUSED to make billionaires and big corporations lift even one finger to help reduce the debt. In fact, they’re demanding TAX CUTS for their biggest benefactors, the top 1%. Instead, here’s who Republicans think should shoulder the burden: Seniors on Medicare. Middle class families who want to send their children to college.

And so, Republicans are killers. They cheer executions, favor dirty air and water, and enjoy letting the uninsured die. Republicans are homophobic and are without sympathy for victims of floods, wildfires and hurricanes. Republicans are callous and insensitive, and are bent on keeping students, working Americans and minorities from voting.

Do these characterizations seem fair? Is this what is right and natural in America?

It is definitely what is “right and natural” if you are one of the millions of people on the DSCC mailing list. The DSCC embraces the hatred without a second thought. Republicans are bad people, and that is simply a DSCC fact.

I think there is a comparison to be drawn between the actions of the Democratic Party and other political/religious movements throughout history. The Democratic Party positions The Serenity as its version of “heaven on earth” and the hatred of Republicans as the energy for the movement.

Contrast that with the current political/religious movement in Iran. The Iranian theocracy positions its concept of heaven from the Koran and uses the hatred of Jews for its emotional energy.

In the Iranian view of heaven, there are no Jews. In the Democratic Party view of The Serenity, there are no Republicans.

I know: Nothing to see here. Just keep moving…

Update 3/8/2012:
The awareness of political hate is getting stronger.  Note the iconic poster.

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