Monday, July 26, 2010


My heart goes out to bloggers such as A Conservative Teacher. Here is a person passionate about the teaching profession, who writes about political events that affect the future of our children.

We don’t know the name of this blogger. It is a price the blogger pays for protection of career and family.

Tim Daniel, the inspiration behind Left Coast Rebel (and a supporter of this blog), recently had a post in The Daily Caller. The article displayed Tim’s understated “can you believe THIS!” style of writing, and yet it was significant for another reason.

Tim published it with his name and photograph.

Why is this significant? It is because our culture supports the idea of Republicans being continually “under siege.” We accept Republicans having shoes thrown at them, eggs thrown at them, speeches drowned out, and cars vandalized. Our culture simply shrugs and continues with the idea that Republicans deserve this treatment.

It makes a difference. It intimidates us. We hesitate.

That’s why this has been an interesting week. The people who run the town of Bell, California didn’t expect pushback from folks like Tim Daniel. Senator Kerry didn’t expect to be called on his tax avoidance techniques. The NAACP didn’t expect to be criticized for working to label Republicans as “racists.”

The blogging community is now the primary agent for transparency over governmental heavy-handedness. It’s a service delivered unapologetically, with a simple appeal to human fairness.

Tim Daniel is a leader in this effort. Let’s wish him all the best, as well as the quick reflexes to dodge any shoes that come flying his way!

Thanks for the link, Tim.  Maybe as Glenn Reynolds says, there truly is "An Army of Davids" out there. Thanks also to A Conservative Teacher for the comment on the dangers of expressing your opinion.  Here is a link to the post about Bill Ayers from that comment:

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  1. Thank you, Howard - you put this very well and I am proud to have so many friends and allies in this movement of ours (including you!)

    And you are totally correct - the blogosphere holds the keys to transparency in our government now and there are thousands of us doing the work that the press refuses to!

    Got you linked at LCR.

  2. Thanks for the kind comments! Sadly, I do a lot of work with the ruling class, and need to stay undercover least I be thrown out (it's happened before- see my post where I was let go because I didn't want Bill Ayers in my classroom).

  3. A Conservative Teacher:

    Your story makes me weep.

    I had an earlier post on Bill Ayers (A Tale of Two Speakers) that detailed the accommodations our leaders make to allow him to spread his ideas.

    Thank you for taking a stand. The imagery of the "Tea Party Explained" post comes to mind...