Tuesday, July 20, 2010

In Plain Sight

Power Line's Scott Johnson posted an article by Maimon Schwarzschild on 7/19/2010 that explores the “One-Party Media” that exists in the United States.

Mr. Schwarzschild writes, “It is extraordinary, and I think unprecedented, that a free press has voluntarily transformed itself into something not very different from the controlled press in an undemocratic country.”

Mr. Schwarzschild finds this hard to believe, and yet notes that it is backed by “innumerable examples.”

The Census Bureau map illustrates the quandary. We live in diverse geographies and come from diverse ancestry. We can’t shed our diversity.

But what if analysts are looking at the wrong data? While searching for the “holy grail” hidden within the diversity puzzle, they are missing the bigger picture?

What is NOT diverse is our CULTURE, and I think Mr. Schwarzchild is beginning to see it.

In America, the Democratic Party represents “the good guys.” This is the organization that tells us how to interpret the news, how to enjoy our entertainment, and what is acceptable and what is controversial.

If you are looking for a framework to explain what is in plain sight, don’t bother with census data or opinion polls.

Simply look at our culture.

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