Thursday, September 17, 2009

Unspoken Accusations


Racism is becoming a defining issue in American culture. The theme is that if I am a Republican, I am a racist.

The accusation sticks in the air. When I encounter a non-Republican, I sense the attitude. It marks the person.

Here is my unspoken response to these people:

"I don't like that you affiliate with an organization that accuses me of being a racist!"

(Just so you know...)


  1. Becoming a defining issue? Nothing recent about the issue. Believing that all non-Republicans are labeling you is a bit far fetched. I get your point, but you seem a tiny bit too sensitive about it.

  2. Good point. I am overly sensitive to the issue.

    But then, isn't it odd that researchers cover the world to find the truth about racism, and discover it exists in the USA and then only amongst Republicans? No other country in the world has our "stain".

    That to me is strange, but stranger still is the lack of academic interest in determining whether a political component is involved.

    Could it be that our culture is what inhibits social scientists from investigating this?

    Our anti-Republican culture tells them to keep moving . . . nothing to see here!

  3. I am unclear on what part suggests that racism only exists amongst Republicans. I am of the opinion that sexism is now more prevalent than racism. Case in point...a black man has become President before a white woman. The sexist remarks made about Hillary during her campaign were absolutely incomprehensible. Republicans do have a stigma of still being a sort of "good ol' boys club". I'm not sure that is being addressed in the proper public relations format that it should. I don't mean just racism or sexism. Republicans carry a stigma of being non-inclusive, far worse than just racist. However, I do not think that is what immediately comes to mind when I meet a person. I do not immediately think Republican or Democrat. I think, decent individual or not. On that note, I still very much enjoy reading your post and getting to know your point of view, whether or not I agree is another story. It is obviously what you believe to be true. Perception is reality to many.

  4. BTW, because of you I have been "turned on" to Robert Stacy McCain. Just love it!

  5. I appreciate your comments, and the reference to If you enjoy seeing gifted "no boundaries" writing, that's the place to go.

    Back to the subject you touched upon...

    Identity Politics: the currency of our culture. It's the way we are being indoctrinated to perceive advantage and disadvantage. As you can probably tell, I don't like it.

    Republicans are inclusive in their ideas while other political groups are "inclusive" because of group identity: If I have dark skin tone, I should be a Democrat. If I am of the female gender, I must advocate for things that bring power and authority to females.

    That's ok until it gets personal. What if I happen to be born with the features of a particular cultural identity group, but I don't think in the way our culture is stereotyping me?

    Must I be bound by the rules of our culture, or do I have free will?

    That's a rhetorical question, but to the larger point, why does our culture embrace identity politics and the politics of favoritism? Is this what is to define America in the 21st Century?

    I'm interested in the way politics infringes on our principles and ideas; how (for example) race "trumps" gender. Can you believe America has an appearance hierarchy? If my body appears in one form or another, our culture gives explicit advantages to me over others. This is something out of an old "Star Trek" episode, yet it is happening now! (See Hillary for more on this.)

    I'm fascinated by the phenomenon, and am blogging to see if anyone else "gets it". We live in an enlightened age, yet are being taught by our culture to treat one another as if we are in the Dark Ages.


  6. I have posted what I believe are the differences between Republicans and Democrats. Feel free to check it out and make any comments you wish. I do not have a huge following, but you are certainly welcome to exchange ideas on my site as well. I completely respect your views and wish to have dialogue that is good for everyone to view.