Sunday, September 20, 2009

Anti-Republican Cartoons

On Sunday, 9/20/2009, the Denver Post featured the latest political cartoon by Mike Keefe:

It's a standard caricature, but did you notice anything distinctive? What if you compare it to one of Mr. Keefe's cartoons from an earlier post:

In each case, the caricature is of a Republican. It's not a caricature of a Republican leader or a specific representative of the Republican Party. It's a caricature of the Republican everyman.

Maybe I'm being too sensitive here, but in each case, the Republican is a white male.

Mr. Keefe creates his cartoons reflexively. There is no purposeful attempt to demonize Republicans in general; it just comes out that way. A white male caricature is used to stigmatize people who belong to a particular political party in America. It is "right and natural."

Why is this important? It is because of the widespread acceptance of this behavior in our anti-Republican culture. Try to think of any other group you could stigmatize in this way with no adverse reaction from the populace. Could you do it to women? People with disabilities? How about an ethnic group? Try it with people of the jewish faith and you are anti-Semitic. Do it to people with dark skin tone and you are accused of Raaaaacism!

But when you do it to Republicans, it is appropriate.

UPDATE 4/25/2011:
Our culture celebrates Mr. Keefe's anti-Republican work.  On 4/18/2011 he was honored with a Pulitzer Prize in journalism for editorial cartooning.  Michael Ramirez was not nominated.

UPDATE 6/5/2011:
In the interest of fairness of context, please note that the Pulitzer Prize committee did award Mr. Ramirez a Pulitzer in 1994 and in 2008.

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