Friday, February 14, 2014

Teaching the Hate

Anti-Republican graphic from the 2/8/2014 DSCC e-mail

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Today is a day of caring for the people you love.  It is also a day that stands in contrast to the sentiments of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC).

The DSCC sends frequent e-mail messages to its subscribers.  The messages request money to help keep Democratic Party control of the United States Senate.

Here is a listing of the notes sent so far this year.  They are tabulated by date, showing the target of the campaign and some of the words used as descriptors for that person or entity.  It provides a glimpse of the tone favored by today’s Democratic Party:

Date                   Target                           Descriptors used by DSCC
01/03/2014      Republicans                stop Republican takeover
01/07/2014      John Boehner              (wants) people without food
01/10/2014      Donors                          happy birthday Michelle Obama
01/15/2014      Mitch McConnell        outrageous
01/15/2014      The Koch Brothers      brutal attacks
01/16/2014      The Koch Brothers      unusually aggressive; tearing down candidates
01/17/2014      The Koch Brothers      brutal attacks
01/18/2014      The Koch Brothers      they WILL take over the Senate
01/21/2014      The Koch Brothers      vicious attacks; barrage of attacks
01/22/2014      The Koch Brothers      every single disgusting Koch attack
01/22/2014      The Koch Brothers      every single revolting Koch attack
01/23/2014      The Koch Brothers      carpet-bombing…with absolutely vicious attacks
01/23/2014      The Koch Brothers      every single disgusting attack
01/24/2014      The Koch Brothers      outrageous attacks
01/24/2014      The Koch Brothers      outrageous attacks; despicable attacks
01/25/2014      The Koch Brothers      secret convention; scathing attacks
01/26/2014      The Koch Brothers      next onslaught of despicable attacks
01/27/2014      The Koch Brothers      viciously attack; scathing attacks
01/27/2014      The Koch Brothers      $6 million on despicable attacks
01/28/2014      Mitch McConnell        all the blame for 2013 dysfunction
01/28/2014      The Koch Brothers      UNPRECEDENTED early spending
01/28/2014      Mitch McConnell        outrageous gridlock; disgusting attacks
01/29/2014      The Koch Brothers      millionaire friends
01/29/2014      The Koch Brothers      scathing attacks
01/30/2014      The Koch Brothers      unprecedented early attack blitz
01/30/2014      Karl Rove                    dark and creepy; anonymous rich guys
01/30/2014      Republicans                 a sea of early attacks
01/31/2014      The Koch Brothers      unparalleled deluge of attacks; buy the Senate
01/31/2014      The Koch Brothers      attack onslaught; Republican takeover
01/31/2014      The Koch Brothers      nationwide attack onslaught
01/31/2014      The Koch Brothers      DOUBLED Democratic spending
02/07/2014      Mitch McConnell        477th time he’s led a filibuster; disgusting
02/08/2014      The Koch Brothers      producers of carcinogens

02/10/2014      The Koch Brothers      absolutely brutal attacks; disgusting attacks
02/11/2014      Mitch McConnell        outrageous political tactics
02/12/2014      Mitch McConnell        saturate the airwaves with negative ads
02/13/2014      Karl Rove                    $138,000 worth of vicious attacks

I’ve not yet received the DSCC missive for this Valentine’s Day.  Maybe it will be something like 1/10/2014, wishing Michelle Obama a happy birthday.

As you can see, the odds don’t favor it.

UPDATE 4/3/2014:
Eliana Johnson at National Review Online provides background on the Koch-funded ads that are creating the intense reaction at the DSCC.  Charles Koch explains why he has become active in politics.  Both articles provide balance to the DSCC attacks.

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