Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Cat in the Bag

“The Cat in the Bag” is in print!

As you check out this blog, have you ever wondered, “Where the heck is this guy coming from?” This book will connect the dots. You can now order it in paperback from or download the Kindle edition.

“The Cat in the Bag” looks at the secret playbook used by the Democratic Party. It covers the themes that create America’s anti-Republican culture, and shows how these themes take on great power with a coordinated narrative. You won’t be surprised to find that “Republicans are destroying the environment” is one of those themes, and that environmentalists promote this theme with what borders on religious zeal.

The book is serious when exposing the themes, but has fun spoofing the antics of the Democratic Party. One chapter highlights the difficulty of bringing “social justice” to our economic structure through the imposition of a wealth tax. (Don’t anyone get any ideas here!)

“The Cat in the Bag” would not be in print if it weren’t for the efforts of Ekot Literary Service and Esther Jackson-Stowell. Esther is the wife of Rich Stowell (author of “Nine Weeks” and “Tunnel Club”) and she is the force behind Ekot Literary Service. She makes the process of getting your book in print painless and inexpensive.

On that last point, please note that I investigated publishing “The Cat in the Bag” using the services of Tate Publishing. Their quote (for a hardcover edition) had a minimum cost of almost $4,000. Esther was able to get “The Cat in the Bag” on Amazon for less than $500. That’s good value!

For those of you trying to get a book published, the rejection notices can be a bit discouraging. It might make more sense to enlist Esther’s services and go the paperback/Kindle route. If the market dictates, you can then publish in hardcover.

Esther turns the conventional publishing process upside down, but in our Internet age, it just may make the most sense.

UPDATE 1/26/2013:
The New York Times lets us know the cat's out of the bag!

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