Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Emmys

The 2010 Emmy Awards were held this past Sunday (8/29/2010) and 13.5 million viewers watched the live show. It was a vindication of sorts for script writers, as “Modern Family”, “Mad Men”, and “Breaking Bad” all won Emmys.

“Modern Family” covers close family relationships with great comedic style while “Mad Men” depicts American life in the1960s with amazing veracity. “Breaking Bad” is a one-of-a-kind drama created by Vince Gilligan that focuses on the consequences of involvement in our drug culture.

In each case, the writing is exceptional. If you’ve watched any of these shows, you know there is astonishing creativity coming out of Hollywood these days.

The award for “Outstanding Variety, Music or Comedy Series” went to Jon Stewart for “The Daily Show.” The Emmys featured a clip of Mr. Stewart doing a sketch dissecting the word “liberals.” Jon uses his comedic license to show how the word can be written as “Li – be – RALs” to convey the “Lies” and the “Radical Anti-social Leftists” associated with the group.

OK, that’s not what really happened. Here’s a link to a video that includes the actual sketch (first 30 seconds of the clip).

The segment provides the obligatory anti-Republican sentiment we’ve come to expect in the award ceremonies of our entertainment industry. Jon Stewart certainly deserves his award, but must we be instructed on the “lies” spouted by Republicans and the hidden links to “Aryan” groups?

The producers of the Emmy Awards chose this segment as emblematic of Mr. Stewart’s talent. I’m guessing they know our anti-Republican culture approves.

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